Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing, Harp & Flute/Violin Duet

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I wrote this duet arrangement of this well-loved hymn based on my original piano solo.  It is written for harp and flute, but the flute part can also be played on the violin.  Also included is a modified part for a clarinet to play the flute part.

The harp begins the song with a short introduction, then the flute plays the melody for the first verse.  The harp plays the melody in the second verse while the flute plays a lovely descant.  Then for the third verse, the melody goes back and forth between the harp and flute, with the harp playing a final coda at the end.

The harp part can be played on either a pedal or lever harp. There are no pedal or lever changes. The harp and flute/violin parts are in the key of E flat, and the clarinet part is in the key of F.

Parts Included:
- Score with harp and flute parts (3 pages)
- Individual Harp part (2 pages)
- Individual Flute/Violin part (1 page)
- Individual Clarinet part (1 page)

Level: Early Intermediate

CLICK HERE for a computer-generated sound sample with harp and flute instrumentation. 

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  1. Fantastic arrangement! I'm an advanced beginner and although I had to practice quite a bit, it wasn't terribly hard. I played with a flutist at church and we got so many compliments. It sounds fancier than it is.