Resilience, Harp Solo

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This original composition has a meditative and thoughtful feeling. Although this piece is in a minor key, it creates a feeling of hope, particularly in the chorus. This piece works well for worship services, or background music for many other occasions.

This piece is playable on both pedal and lever harps. It is written in the key of A minor (no sharps or flats) with no lever or pedal changes. (3 pages)

This song is dedicated to my daughter, Molly Lyn. You are an amazing example of resilience with your positive attitude and cheerful disposition. I hope you always find joy, and faithfully overcome any challenges you may face.

-Jodi Ann

Level: Early Intermediate


  1. Had to buy it as soon as I heard it. Lovely!!!

  2. Another winner -- thanks, JodiAnn!

  3. Thanks Jodi Anne. I bought this a few days ago. It is beautiful and lovely to play. I have been playing along with you on YouTube, which makes it easier to learn and get the feeling for the piece.