Here With You, Harp Solo

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This is my second original composition for solo harp. I wanted to write a piece that is calm, peaceful, and reflective, but, like our lives, also has moments of uncertainty or sadness. This piece is soothing to play and listen to and is perfect for many different situations including weddings, church services, or harp therapy situations.

This PDF includes two copies of this song, one in the key of Eb and one in the key of D. It is playable on both pedal and lever harps and has no pedal or lever changes. (Each version is 2 pages)

This song is dedicated to my oldest daughter, my Aicardi Syndrome warrior, Annie Michelle. I am so blessed and humbled that Heavenly Father has entrusted you to me, and I am truly grateful for each day that I have to be “here with you.”

-Jodi Ann

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Level: Advanced Beginner


  1. This is such a beautiful song. It really tugs at the heart.

  2. So heartfelt and beautiful, Jodi Ann! Nice tribute to your precious daughter!

  3. This is so beautiful. It made me cry just playing it for the first time. You can really feel the love. Thank you Jodi Ann (again!).

  4. This piece is simply lovely. It's not often that I get tears in my eyes when playing through a piece for the first time … well, I got tears in my eyes while playing this one. I believe this piece will touch the hearts of those who play it and those who hear it. Thank you - it's beautiful.

  5. This is a beautifully emotional piece. I'm loving playing it.