Away in a Manger & Silent Night Medley, Harp Solo

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This medley beautifully weaves together two classic Christmas songs. This arrangement begins with Away in a Manger, transitions to Silent Night, and finishes with  a combination of the two tunes.  This arrangement uses less traditional chords with the familiar melodies to create a very reverent and contemplative feel to these two calm and peaceful Christmas tunes.

This arrangement is written in the key of C and can be played on both lever and pedal harps. There are no lever or pedal changes. (3 pages)

Level: Advanced Beginner

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  1. This is the second arrangement I have ordered from you, and I love how relaxing they are to play. I have a small 29 string harp with no levers, but I saw a youtube about a cross strung harp, and I was intrigued with it, because then you don't need levers or pedals. Last April I was able to purchase a used cross strung harp, but there is not much music written for it. I did buy a book on the fingerings for each key because it is much different than a regular harp. So once I figure the fingering for each song, it isn't that difficult.
    Thank you,