Brahms Lullaby, Harp Solo

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This classic lullaby tune by Brahms is arranged for solo harp. It is not only relaxing to listen to, but it is very calm and soothing to play. Instead of the traditional 3/4 time, this piece is written in 4/4 time, giving an extra gentle feel to the music.

The first verse has a beautiful eighth note pattern in the left hand followed by a simpler second verse with rolled chords. This helps the piece wind down and become quieter with more stillness as a baby would drift off to sleep. This piece is perfect for therapy situations or any setting desiring calm, quiet, beautiful music.

This arrangement can be played on both lever and pedal harps. Two versions are included, one in the key of E flat and one in the key of D. There are no pedal or lever changes. (2 pages)

Level: Advanced Beginner

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