River Flows in You, Harp Solo

PDF Download: $6.99
(Currently unavailable)

This beautiful song is arranged from a popular piano composition by South Korean pianist, Yiruma. This harp arrangement allows this popular piece to fall easily under the harpist's fingers. Its meditative and reflective feel make this piece perfect for many special occasions as well as for background music.

This arrangement can be played on both lever and pedal harps and has no lever or pedal changes. This arrangement is written in the key of G. (3 pages)

Level: Intermediate


  1. Will it become available in the near future?

    1. I don't know if this piece will be available later or not. Unfortunately, it's out of my control and is just up to the company that issues my copyright license. Right now they are not giving permissions for arrangements of this piece to be sold. So sorry!

      The original piece by Yurima is written for piano and is a bit more complicated than my arrangement, but some harpists have been able to play straight from the original piano sheet music. So you could search for Yiruma's original piano sheet music to purchase, if you are interested.

    2. Thanks, I appreciate the reply. I was trying to find a simpler piece, as my daughter can't play the original piano one yet. Thanks again