Coventry Carol, Harp Solo

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This Christmas carol is arranged for solo harp. The first verse has a simple melody line. A modified melody line is introduced in the second verse, followed by a rich, full third verse and unique, beautiful ending. This piece makes a perfect addition to any holiday repertoire.

This arrangement is playable on both pedal and lever harps. It is written in the key of A minor (no sharps or flats) but lever harps will need third octave G# set at the beginning of the piece. There are two simple lever changes on C strings at the very end of the song that are clearly marked. For pedal harps, there are several pedal changes throughout the song on the G pedal, and one at the end of the piece on the C pedal. All pedal changes are clearly marked. (2 pages)

Level: Early Intermediate


  1. This is a great arrangement of this lovely Christmas Carol. It is the perfect level of difficulty to be achievable to work up for this year. It flows beautifully!

  2. Love the mysterious sound of this. Really looking forward to learning this. Beautiful arrangement. Thank you!